The problems I want to discuss deal with money. The money that is wasted paying hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars to people who no longer work for the government. We pay are past presidents hundreds of thousands of dollars for the rest of their lives after they leave office, and we pay there wives for being the first lady. I don’t think that we need to pay them quite this much for the rest of their lives. We make sure our presidents are set for life, and we over do it. I think that all government officials are over paid.

We pay senators way to much money, even when they get nothing done. I think that if we did some major pay cuts in the government we would be able to cut our debt a lot.

Even if we don’t cut their pays there are other ways to lower the amount of money wasted. Some times the president will use multiple pens to sign his name once, and these aren’t cheap pens, they are nice pens that are expensive. We give a pen and he uses it to sign part of his name then they through it away, when they could sell it on ebay for hundreds of dollars. We could do some business selling stuff like that, imagine how much some people would pay for a pen used by Obama to sign a law. They would pay just for one used to sign the bill, just because it is a part of history. We could sell them to museums and make massive profit off of it, and put it somewhere people would be able to see it, and even if it is just a little thing that was under used, they would think it is something cool.

I don’t think that the government has enough focus on fixing things either. They basically put off doing there job for long amounts of time, and cost the country millions. If they worked at a business then they would all have gotten fired, because now business owner would put up with people being lazy like this and not doing there jobs. They do not fix enough of the problems and they take their sweet time when they do, because they get paid weather they do something or not.

There are many problems in the government, and I know I didn’t even touch most of them, so if you want me to talk about something specific just tell me in the comments. Also if you want me to talk about anything, leave it in the comments, I will let you pick my topics if you wish too, as I can’t come up with infinite ideas, as I am writing on here, and trying to publish stuff onto Teen Ink, if you want me to make an article on Teen Ink about something you are interested in, I can do that too. Anything you want to talk about, I will talk about. I am here so that you can learn about stuff you want to.


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Hello readers. I am Luke Molle. I am an aspiring writer, that dabbles in philosophy. I enjoy to share my thoughts with people, and hear other peoples thoughts. This blog is meant to focus on humanity, and the philosophy of a lot of the things people do and think. I would like to tuck base on a few things like: love, death, family, murder, and many others. If anybody responds with a topic they wish to hear about, I will make a post about it. This blog is for you more than for me. I want you all to learn something from this, something about the way people think. I am not an expert, and these are my opinions. I will not claim to know a lot of stuff about something I talk about. I use theories to tell what I think stuff is about, so I won’t say that you will agree with them all. This is a place of opinion, mine and yours. I would really like to tell you all more about what I think, but this is just a little introduction, so watch for my first real post.

“Everything that comes together falls apart. When you stopped wishing things wouldn’t fall apart, you’d stop suffering when they did.”- John Green

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