Let’s get started

Posted: January 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

Hello readers. I am Luke Molle. I am an aspiring writer, that dabbles in philosophy. I enjoy to share my thoughts with people, and hear other peoples thoughts. This blog is meant to focus on humanity, and the philosophy of a lot of the things people do and think. I would like to tuck base on a few things like: love, death, family, murder, and many others. If anybody responds with a topic they wish to hear about, I will make a post about it. This blog is for you more than for me. I want you all to learn something from this, something about the way people think. I am not an expert, and these are my opinions. I will not claim to know a lot of stuff about something I talk about. I use theories to tell what I think stuff is about, so I won’t say that you will agree with them all. This is a place of opinion, mine and yours. I would really like to tell you all more about what I think, but this is just a little introduction, so watch for my first real post.


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